The 10 Best Gaffer Tapes in 2019

Unlike other standards tapes, gaff tape has great features to help you secure your items and equipment. The tape is pressure sensitive with high tensile and strong adhesive properties to suit different applications. Due to their strong and non-sticky nature, spike tapes have been relied upon by professional and tradesmen on different applications. They are hand tear-able and easy to rip off which makes them the go-to adhesive for your photography, videography, electrical projects and for protecting your items at home.

However, not every piece in the market will suit every application which makes it a challenge to identify a quality brand for your needs. But we have done the research for you and here are the 10 quality spike adhesives to help you choose the best gaffer tape for your next project.

Best Pick

Tape King Gaffers Tape

Tape King Gaffers Tape is our best pick. The 2-inch wide is 30 yards long with a Vinyl Matte finish. The shrink-wrapped tape is well packed to prevent any dirt and dusts from damaging the adhesive. It adhesive bond is strong and easy to rip off without leaving any residue on the surface making it a great choice for your equipment’s and cable protection. Its waterproof property keeps your items well secured giving you peace of mind.

Budget Pick

XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

If you are on a budget, XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape is the best gaffer tape for the money. The tape is affordable, hand tear-able, durable, and water resistant with strong adhesive properties to keep your items and appliances well secured. The premium grade tape is easy to rip off and does not damage the surface or leave any residue making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Gaffer Tape

1. Tape King Gaffers Tape

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to rip, cut and tear
  • Waterproof
  • Does not leave residue
  • Vapor, water, and abrasion resistance
  • 2” by 30 yards
  • Versatile
  • 50oz/in adhesion/ steel
  • 43lb/in tensile strength
  • Optimal performance temperature 200º F

Tape King Gaffers is a multipurpose gaff which can be used around the house. The tape covers and protects your cables and equipment without leaving any residue. The tape boasts of its Matte Vinyl finish with waterproof properties to keep your equipment protected.

The tape is professionally wrapped to prevent any dirt or dust from accumulating on the adhesive. Due to its abrasive resistance property, the tape is also great for use on bookbinding projects. It's easy to tear property enables you to easily rip it off using your hand without using much force. Compared to other models, this tape has managed to stand out from the competition and is the best waterproof gaffer tape.

2. XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Highlighted Features

  • Strong and durable
  • Affordable
  • Professional grade
  • Anti-bleeding features
  • Multipurpose
  • Made of 95% cotton and 5% Rayon
  • 2” by 30 yards

XFasten is a quality trusted brand by professional photographers, videographers, stage designers, DJs, and even homeowners. Its matte black finish makes it blend perfectly well on theatre stages while preventing any light breed for your photography.

Its waterproof adhesive property makes this gaff an excellent pick for cable management as a grip or console label. Its high adhesive feature allows you to stick it on smooth and rough surfaces on boats, floors, tech gears, Upholstery and even floors giving you great versatility.

Reinforced to this black tape is a textile backing which makes the gaff easy to tear by hand. The tape is surface safe and will stick perfectly well on different surfaces without leaving any residue. Its strength and durability make it ideal for use on different applications. Its price is also right so you can enjoy a quality spike adhesive at an affordable price.

3. Real Premium Grade Gaffer Tape

Highlighted Features

  • Does not leave any gummy residue
  • Easy to tear
  • Multipurpose
  • Premium grade
  • Water resistant
  • Strong adhesive features
  • Non-reflective

Gaffer power is a premium grade gaff tape made from the USA. The tape comes in varied colors giving you the freedom to support and protect your equipment’s and cables in your preferred color. The multipurpose tape is ideal for any tool box. You can utilize it on your cables, floors, TV, computer, windows, and doors.

Its strong adhesive features hold your items firmly but can be easily removed without leaving any residue. It’s easy to rip, water resistance, and peel resistance makes this tape ideal for securing your gears. Adding this tape on your toolbox will enable you to keep your items and equipment’s well secured.

4. Gaffer Tape by GAFFER'S CHOICE

Highlighted Features

  • Effective
  • Waterproof
  • Non-reflective
  • Strong adhesive with no residue
  • 2-inches by 35 yards
  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose

GAFFERS CHOICE is a 2-inch by 35 yards multipurpose spike tape which surpasses a duct tape. The tape boasts of its enough adhesive which holds your items solidly and perfectly covered. In addition to its strong adhesive GAFFERS tape does not leave any gummy residue behind.

Its ability to stick on almost any surface gives you the freedom to utilize it without any doubts. With this tape, you do not have to worry about water damage. Thanks to its waterproof properties which help keep its adhesive bond strong. The tape has been tested and has met all the requirements and is a great treasure that will offer you convenience.

5. ProTapes Pro-Gaff Premium Matte Cloth Gaffer's Tape

Highlighted Features

  • Sticks perfectly well on irregular surfaces
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Can withstand outdoor temperatures of between 50 to 2000F
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to rip into strips
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive
  • 50lbs tensile strength
  • Cotton cloth backing
  • 11mils thickness

In case you are for the best outdoor gaffer tape then this ProTapes gaff could be an excellent pick for you. The 3-inch wide, 55-yard long tape has the capability to withstand outdoor temperatures of between 50 to 2000F. Its thick matte black cloth features a rubber adhesive which adapts perfectly well on irregular surfaces for your labeling, sealing, and securing of your applications temporary.

The tape is abrasion resistant which means you will enjoy optimal protection of your items. With this tape, you do not need a tool to tear it. All you need is tear it with your hands and stick it on your preferred surface. That’s not all; the tape is available in 20 different colors which give you the freedom to match your appliances with your preferred tape color.

6. TapePlus Gaffers Tape

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to tear
  • 2-inch by 40 yards in size
  • Lasts longer
  • Multi-purpose
  • Non-reflective

This TapePlus gaff tape is a 2-inch by 40 yards shrink-wrapped roll which has a strong adhesive for securing your cables. Its size is 33% more than the peers which mean it will last you longer. The tape is 100% waterproof which keeps your items and cables protected even during the rainy season without compromising on its adhesive bond.

Its non-reflective design makes it blend perfectly well with your items making it a great addition to your toolbox. In addition to its strong adhesive features, the tape is also easy to tear and rip without leaving any residue behind. And this is where the tape comes in handy when you do not have an electrical, vinyl, and duct tape.

7. Real Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape by Gaffer Power

Highlighted Features

  • Tough
  • Premium grade
  • Multi-purpose
  • Dirt, dust and water resistant
  • Easy to tear
  • Non-reflective design
  • 3-inch by 30 yards
  • Durable
  • Strong adhesive bond

Gaffer power has designed yet another premium grade tape which is way better than duct tape. Its non-reflective property enables you to secure and protect your appliances while blending perfectly with the surface. It’s easy to tear design allows you to rip it without using excessive energy or calling for any tool. The tape has a strong adhesive with cotton cloth backing which prevents water, dirt or dust from interfering with its adhesive bond.

Once stuck, the tape does not peel back which gives you the confidence to protect your appliances. This multi-purpose tape is a great addition to any professional toolbox or any home. Its quality exceeds its peers which makes it a great treasure which can save your items.

8. Glowing King 5-Pack SUPER BRIGHT UV Blacklight Reactive Fluorescent / Neon Gaffer

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in 5 rolls with different colors( yellow, blue, pink, orange and green)
  • Hand tear-able
  • Shines under backlight
  • Multi-purpose
  • Leaves no gummy residue
  • Sticks on most surfaces without compromising its adhesive bond
  • Reliable

This Glowing King gaff tape comes in a pack of 5 rolls with each roll featuring a different color. The hand rip-able tape tears easily by hand at any length allowing you to use it up to the last bit. Its strong adhesive properties make this tape set stand out from the competition. Better still; investing in the model will enable you to choose your preferred appliance color to match with the preferred tape color.

Under backlight, the tape glows which make it a great pick for your labeling and backlight party projects. Adding this tape rolls to your home or toolbox will offer you convenience, efficiency, and confidence to secure your items with an adhesive that matches its surface.

9. TapeMe Heavy Duty Gaffer's Tape Black

Highlighted Features

  • 2” by 30 yards
  • Strong and flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile
  • Handy
  • Durable
  • Reliable premium grade

Using a low-quality spike tape can ruin your equipment surfaces but with this TapeMe roll, you will enjoy strong adhesive on different surfaces. The tape has high tensile strength which gives it’s an incredibly strong and long-lasting adhesive bond.

Compared to duct tape, the TapeMe gaff is exceptionally strong with features which surpass that of duct tape. It's easy to tear feature saves you all the time and hassle of having to use a tool or excessive energy. It also has waterproof properties to keep your equipment’s and cables well protected from water and moisture.

This tape can be a great pick for professional photographers, electricians, and homeowners. It has great feature and versatile making it a great addition to your tool bag or home.

10. JVCC Gaff-Color-Pack Gaffers Tape

Highlighted Features

  • Hand tear-able
  • 42 pounds tensile strength
  • 50 ounces adhesion per inch
  • Available in 5 different fluorescent colors (green, orange, yellow, pink, and blue)
  • 11.5 mils adhesive thickness
  • Multi-purpose

Protecting different colored surfaces will call for matching spike tape that blends well with the surface. And that’s what you get when you buy this JVCC gaffer adhesive. The package comes as a 5 roll tapes with different colors to make your job even easier.

Its rubber adhesive is backed with a Vinyl coated cloth for easy hand tearing and strong adhesive bond. The tape is an excellent pick for professionals who may be looking forward to covering different equipment’s, cables and items with different colors.

Benefits of Using a Gaff Tape


Spike tape has many uses and has been for years relied upon by professionals in videography, photography, electricians, event planners and homeowners. The tapes are reliable and offer a temporary solution without damaging your equipment surfaces.


Spike adhesives have a strong rubber bond which keeps the adhesive conformed on the surface without losing the bond. This makes gaff tapes ideal for securing and protecting equipment.


Gaff tapes are easy to tear and do not require any tool to trim them into your desired lengths. Besides, they are also easy to rip off which makes your life easy.


Aside from being multi-purpose gaff tapes can be used both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are available in different colors to allow you to choose one that matches your surface.


Though gaff tapes are mostly used by professionals, you do not need any skills to use one. Better still; they are hand tear-able enabling you to secure and protect your cables and equipment without much hassle.

Factor to Consider When Buying a Gaffers Tape


Gaffer tapes come in varying lengths and it can be embarrassing to buy one which cannot serve the intended purpose. To avoid any disappointments, you should determine the total length you may need depending on your project complexity.


Spike tapes can be utilized in different applications. But not every brand out their will suit every industry. So before jumping in and making your conclusions you should first know where you can use your preferred adhesive.


Not every spike tape will stick well on every surface; some may lose their adhesive bond quickly while others will have no impact. So you need to be sure the brand you buy will work perfectly on different surfaces depending on where you intend to use it.


Gaffer tapes come in varied colors and your choice should be dictated on the color of the item or appliance you are looking forward to protecting. The color you choose should blend perfectly well with the surface to prevent it from being noticed. In case you are planning to work on differed surfaces with varying colors, then buying a roll pack with different colors will offer you convenience.


Water or moisture can massively impact the adhesive bond of your tape. So if you are planning to secure your items for long, investing in a waterproof tape will offer maximum protection needed to keep your appliances safe.

Temperature limits

Some gaff tapes may be susceptible to heat which means the temperatures should be in check. Always factor in your environment before buying your preferred adhesive. 

Abrasion resistance

A good gaff tape should be strong enough to resist any sort of abrasion. An abrasive tape will expose your items, cables, and appliances after some time which can be risky. So if your project calls for maximum protection of your items, then buying an abrasion resistance model is the best way to go.


Gaffer tapes are either standard, premium grade or heavy-duty. Manufacturers add extra features to make the adhesive strong enough to suit different application. Just because a tape is claimed to be heavy-duty or premium grade does not mean they are not handed tear-able. However, you will have to pay more for the added features.


Every spike tape will feature a certain width. Different widths are ideal for use in different applications. If you are shopping for a tape to use it in your theatre or music films, then a 3” model is highly recommended.

However, in most cases, manufacturers list down all the areas you can use the adhesive. Always check out for your manufacturer recommendations to make sure you choose one that is best suited for the job.


Quality goes hand in hand with cost. And if you are looking for a quality tape that is good enough to offer maximum protection, then you should be ready to pay some extra bucks.

Ease of removing

A good gaff tape should hold your equipment’s and cables securely and be easy to remove without challenges. Better still; buying one that does not leave any residue will help keep your equipment’s well maintained.

Gaffer Tape FAQ

Is gaff tape worth it?

Gaffer tape is a multi-purpose adhesive which can be used on different applications. So whether you are a professional or a homeowner, investing in one will help save your back.

Can gaffe tape be re-used after being removed?

Gaffer tape can be re-used after peeling it off but its adhesive bond will reduce. In case you need professional results you need to use a fresh piece.

Can gaffe tape be used in rainy season?

Gaff tape can be used during rainy season if it is water resistant. However, excessive exposure to water can reduce its adhesive bond.  

Can gaffe tape remove paint?

The effect your gaffer tape will have on your paint will be dictated by the surface condition. If the paint is flaky or old it may take off some of it when peeled.

What is the best way to remove gaffe tape residue?

After peeling your gaff tape, you may notice a light residue on the surface. That shouldn’t worry you. All you need is to apply another new gaff tape on the surface and then remove it. In case that does not solve the problem, you can use WD-40 and spray it on a piece of cloth. Leave it on the surface for some few minutes then scrub it.

Can gaffer tape catch fire?

Gaffer tapes are resistant to heat but they can still be flammable.  So when exposing your adhesives to fire, you should always take caution to avoid any accidents.

Can I clean a gaff tape?

Debris and dirt may accumulate on the surface of your tape which may impact its appearance. Cleaning it may worsen the appearance and make it dirtier. Instead of cleaning it consider applying a new piece and make sure of the surface is not dirty or wet.

Can gaff tape be used to repair frayed cables?

Though spike tapes are used to protect cables, using it to repair your frayed computer cable can cause more damage. Consider replacing your cable for optimal performance.

Final Verdict

Gaffer tapes can make your life simple and are a great addition to any tool box or home. They are versatile and ideal for use in different applications. However, you need to make your selection carefully since not every model is designed to fit any application. While it is important to factor in your personal preferences, the best gaffer tape should be easy to use, strong, hand tear-able, convenient, easy to rip off and versatile. Do not let your poor quality adhesive ruin your equipment’s surfaces. Choose a quality brand and enjoy maximum protection.  All the above reviewed brands are a great pick if chosen appropriately.
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