The 8 Best Nail Pullers in 2019

Removing those stubborn nails can make you insane especially if you do not have a high-quality tool that can withstand the pressure. But with a quality nail extractor, you can remove all those damaged and embedded nails without damaging the wood. Better still; the tool not only help you remove the nails but also prevent damage of your nails which allows you to re-use them. However, before you invest in one, you need to be sure that it is indeed the right tool for the job.

Nail pullers are designed differently with different pulling power which means you need to be well informed. For this roundup, we have reviewed the top quality brands to help you choose the best nail puller for your next project.

Best Pick

Crescent 56 Nail Puller

Crescent 56 Nail Puller is our best pick. The tool boasts of its forged alloy construction with hardened and tempered jaws for increased strength and precision. The 19-inch tool is excellent for use on flush nails. Its black enamel finish adds durability and elegance making it the go-to tool for professionals.

Budget Pick

Crescent NP11 Nail Pulling Pliers

When on a budget, Crescent NP11 Nail Pulling Pliers is the best nail puller for the money. The tool is designed to offer you great flexibility needed to extract nails regardless of the size or whether they are damaged, or headless. Its steel forged handles and head gives the tool exceptional strength to last you generation after generation. Its handles are rubberized to relieve you from the agony of sore hands making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Nail Pullers

1. Crescent 56 Nail Puller

Highlighted Features

  • 19-inches long
  • Has a tempered jaw for exceptional pulling power
  • Black enamel finish
  • One piece of steel forged alloy
  • 4-inch size
  • Durable

If you are looking forward to handling those flush nails, then Crescent 56 could be an excellent choice for you. The tool is a one-piece, forged steel alloy which means no welded joints which may break it. Its incredible pulling power enables you to pull out your perky nails effortlessly.

The tool achieves this through its box-joint design which features hardened and tempered jaws. Its design allows the device to withstand harsh working conditions while delivering excellent performance. Its black enamel finish gives it an elegant look and helps prevent rusting. Adding this nail puller to your tool arsenal will make your nail pulling process fun and easy.

2. Crescent NP11 Nail Pulling Pliers

Highlighted Features

  • Dual handles for greater flexibility
  • Forged jaws and handles
  • Rubberized grips for increased comfort
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Handy

Removing nails when the head is damaged or removed can be a tall order. But with this Cresent NP11 series, you can easily remove those stubborn nails regardless of the size. The tool features forged steel construction with rubber grips for a comfy and a secure grip.

The jaws offer you unlimited flexibility and reliable gripping power to enable you to pull out your nails. Even when the nails are not accessible, this tool will help you remove them faster without breaking your back. Overall, Crescent nail pulling pliers is an affordable, handy, durable and quality tool with excellent gripping and pulling power to get your stubborn nails out. The tool can also be used to remove brads, fasteners, floor staples, headed nails, pin nails, and coaxial staples.

3. Air locker ap700 professional Punch Nailer

Highlighted Features

  • Operates with a pressure of 80 to 120 PSI
  • ¼ inch air inlet
  • Removes nails within the 10 to 20 ranges
  • 0.16-inch driver diameter
  • Air-powered
  • Durable
  • Ideal for use on soft and hardwoods
  • Reliable

Air Locker nail puller is an air powered tool which is designed to help you pull your nails out of your workpiece quietly. The tool touts of its heavy-duty all-metal construction which gives it the strength to withstand job site abuse. Its slim and elongated nose enables you to access tight areas while its mighty hammer strikes to get your nail out minimizing any need for repeat pulling.

The grip is ergonomically designed to provide a fatigue-less experience allowing you to complete your demanding projects without depleting your energy levels. Better still; the tool offers a comfy grip saving you from the agony of having to deal with sore arms.

The tool is professionally designed to help you successfully remove your nails from hard and soft wood pieces without damaging it. Due to its exceptional performance and unique design, Air Locker ap700 series is one of the best nail pullers for professional and serious DIYers.

4. Estwing Nail Puller

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 12 inches long
  • Precision claws for increased leverage
  • Versatile
  • Handy
  • Ideal for construction and renovation

Removing nail on tight areas has never been easy, but Estwing has made the process easy and fast with this nail puller. The tool boasts of its thin precision claws which enable you to access those tight areas. Though lightweight, the nail puller is forged in one piece for unmatched performance.

At 12 inches, this puller gives you the leverage needed to pull out your nails without damaging the wood. Better still; you will also enjoy great versatility as the tool design allows you to remove not only damaged your nails but also different fasteners, damaged, and embedded nails.

The tool achieves this with its rounded head design which makes it the best nail puller for construction.

5. Stiletto TICLW12 ClawBar Nail Puller

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Comfy
  • Built to last
  • Exceptional performance
  • Portable
  • Handy
  • Sleek design

Enjoy superior prying power with this Stiletto nail puller. The tool is designed with solid lightweight Titanium which offers excellent pulling power making your nail removal exercise easy. Compared to standard nail pullers, stiletto TICLW12 removes nails with less recoil shock enabling you to handle even the most demanding tasks. Its comfy grip reduces friction allowing you to use it for extended hours.

Its lightweight design allows you to put it in your tools bag and move around with ease. Adding this nail puller to your tools arsenal will help you carry out your construction and renovation projects like a pro.

6. Dewalt DWHT55524 Claw Bar

Highlighted Features

  • Strong I-beam shaft
  • Extra-wide strike surface for increased precision
  • Handy
  • Convenient
  • 10-inches long
  • Corded electric
  • Great pulling power

Featuring an extra-wide strike surface this nail puller will enable you to easily access those flush nail and pull them easily without damaging the wood. With its pointed precision end, the tool will dig deep into the material to help you remove the embedded nails with minimal damage.

Its I-beam shaft provides excellent strength without increasing weight making your nail extraction process easy and fun. Investing in this 10" nail puller will offer you high performance with its sharp claws and sturdy shaft.

7. Shark CORP 21-2028 Nail Puller

Highlighted Features

  • Great gripping and pulling power
  • Durable
  • Drop forged for increased strength
  • Ideal for common nails between 2 to 3.5 inches
  • Removes finish nails with 2 to 3 inches
  • Handy
  • 11 inches long

If you are planning to remove common nails that are headless, embedded or rusted, this is the tool could be the end of your nail pulling woes. The tool features an advanced tempered technique which involved drop forging for an incredibly robust, durable and chip-free nail puller.

Besides removing the common nails, Shark CORP 21-208 nail puller can also be used to remove finish nails and ring shank giving you great versatility. Its hardened steel material offers great leverage to get your nails out and can be used generation after generation.

8. Stanley FMHT55008 FatMax Claw Bar

Highlighted Features

  • 10 inches long
  • Has two nail slots
  • Built to last
  • Temperature resistant
  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Unmatched prying power
  • Handy
  • Affordable

The Stanley claw bar is excellent for your prying and nail pulling. The tool is designed with high-quality carbon steel which has been tempered and heated for great strength and increased durability.  It's beveled and smooth polished flat surface enables you to perform precision penetration making accessibility of your nails easy.

Its ergonomic handle is designed to offer you a secure grip while protecting the tool from extreme temperatures. At 10-inches, this nail puller will allow easy claw penetration for quick access to embedded nails. With its two nail slots, you can choose the preferred slot to use depending on the nail condition you are removing.

Overall, Stanley FMHT55008 claw bar is a high quality, durable, handy and comfy tool for professionals who may be looking for an affordable nail-pulling tool.

Benefits of Using Nail Pullers


Nail extractors make removal of nail easy and fast. The tools are designed to enable you to remove even the embedded, and damaged nails with ease.


A nail remover is not only designed to help you remove your nails but also extract fasteners, staples, clads and much more. The versatility that a nail extractor offers you saves you the hassles of investing in another tool.


Nail puller removes nails without damaging them which enables you to re-use them saving you money that you would have used to buy new nails. Better still; they remove the nails without damaging the wood which makes them great for the job.


Moving around will a nail extractor is easy. Majority of the tools are professionally designed to fit in your tools bag giving you quick access whenever your project call for one.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Nail Puller

Removing steel nails can be distressing especially if you have a tool that does not have the right features. This guide unveils all you need to know before buying your nail puller.


Nail extractors are constructed using different materials which include steel, cast iron, Titanium, High carbon steel. To increase their durability and strength, manufacturers can harden, temper, coat, forge or treat the alloy.

Steel is lightweight, durable, reliable and resistant to corrosion. However, the standard metal can be susceptible to ductility especially when excessive pressure is exerted on it. If you settle for a steel nail extractor, ensure the metal is forged or tempered for inc5edible strength.

Cast iron is durable but gets discolored when exposed to moisture. To prevent rusting the metal may be coated. For increased strength consider going for models with tempered or hardened constriction method.

Titanium metal is durable with low density. However, when exposed to an oxygen-free environment, the metal is quite ductile. Hardened, tempered or drop forged nail pullers will help provide the leverage needed to get the job done.

High carbon steel, on the other hand, is strong and hard. However, tools made using High carbon steel may get magnetized with time attracting particles, iron dust among others. Due to its hardness, the metal may chip or fracture when excessive pressure is applied to it.

Based on the above material properties, you can be your judge and determine which one suits your project.


The size of your nail extractor is one of the most critical aspects that you should never forget to check out. Nail extractors with long handles provide great leverage but can be a challenge to use on tight areas. For easy access on those tight areas, consider a smaller sized model.

Nail size

While some nail pullers will enable you to remove almost every nail despite its size, other tools will not. Depending on the nail size you are planning to remove, ensure the tool can handle the task.

For professionals who may be looking for flexibility, you should consider choosing a model that can remove nail regardless of size. Nail pulling pliers do not limit you on size nor the nail condition.

Pulling power

Every nail extraction tool will offer you different nail pulling power. This may vary depending on the design, nail condition. Note that removing headless and embedded nails may be challenging. Not every tool out there can handle the pressure of removing damaged nails. And though tools with longer handles help increase the leverage, it may not work with damaged nails.

Remember your tools pulling power will determine how fast you will get your nail out.


Nail removers will feature different handle design, but by the end of the day, you should consider choosing a comfy one. A poorly designed handle will relieve you from the agony of sored hands. Though it may be hard to determine the comfort levels of your tool, you can check out for great features that the toll possesses and have a look at other consumers experience to make your choice.


Even though nail extractors are specifically designed to help you remove nails, the tools can also be used to remove fasteners, brads, floor staples among others. However, though some tools may give you great versatility, this does not apply to every model. So if you are a professional who may be looking for versatility in a nail puller, you should know in advance what you can do with your tool.


The weight of your nail puller plays a significant role in your fatigue levels. Heavy-duty models will deplete your energy levels faster and will force you to take breaks between sessions. Besides, if you are looking for a nail extractor to walk around job sites, you should consider selecting a lightweight model.


Like any other tool, nail extractors will require proper maintenance depending on the material used. Poor maintenance will deteriorate the quality of your tool affecting its durability and performance. Before buying your nail extractor, make sure you are in a position to carry out all the maintenance routine recommended by your manufacturer.

How to remove nails using a nail puller

Removing nails from wood may seem an easy task, but it requires vigilance, or else you will cause more damage to the wood. Though it is hard to pull the nail out without causing slight damages, knowing how to do it will limit the damages and save you time and agony to get them out.  To get the best out of your nail puller here is what you should do.

But, before then, get to know how to nail pullers works

Nail pullers are of different types. The most common one you may come across is air powered, traditional and electric corded models. The only differences between the three types are the power but are designed for the same purpose.

Traditional nail pullers

Traditional nail pullers are manually operated and have two jaws which help grip the nail head during the nail removal.  The jaws are designed to penetrate on the wood for easy access of the nail head. Once grasped, the base heel acts as a lever by closing the jaws for increased gripping power.

The gripping power increases as more force is applied on the pivot. Once pulled out, the tension on the pivot point is reduced releasing the nail.

Air powered

Pneumatic nail pullers are air powered which means they will call for lesser force as compared to the traditional ones. The tools have an elongated nose which is placed against the nail head such that the nose fully covers the head. When the trigger is pulled, the air pressure drives precision claws into the board gripping the nail on the shank.

The compressed air then draws the nail out within seconds.

Corded nail puller

Corded nail pullers are electrically powered. The tools have a motor which is controlled through a trigger which can be adjusted to suit the task at hand. Electric corded nail pullers may be slightly heavy as compared to traditional and pneumatic models. However, they are a  great pick for professionals who may be looking forward to managing large demanding projects.

Tips for using your nail puller properly

  • To avoid damaging your wood and increase leverage, always ensure you place a thin piece of wood or a screwdriver handle under the hammer.
  • Avoid pulling bend nails but rather straight them before pulling them out
  • Gripping headless or damaged nails can be hard especially with a nail puller. To ease the agony of pulling it, use pliers to grip the shank
  • When removing nails which you plan to re-use them, avoid hitting it from the back as it makes the pointed end to become blunt
  •   Extracting nails from old wood can be tricky and requires to be done skillfully. To successful remove your nail, position your nail puller from side to side and place a plywood piece under it, then pull it using the claws. For pneumatic and electric corded models ensure more pressure and speed is increased respectively for increased efficiency.

Care and maintenance of a nail puller

  • Lubricate all the moving parts of your nail extractor to prevent friction. Avoid greasing the handle as it may increase your chances of losing your tools grip
  • Never use your extractor to remove nails which are not within the recommended tools range
  • In case you identify any signs of cracks on your tool, you should avoid using it as applying more pressure on it will damage it and may cause accidents
  • Always store your nail remover in a safe place away from other tools. Keeping tools together may knock the claw ends causing them to become blunt or bend affecting their precision
  • Before storing your tool, ensure they are clean and dry. Dirt or moisture can trigger rusting.

Final verdict

Extracting nails from wood can cause you agony and distress especially when your nail remover does not have the pulling power to get the job done. Getting a quality tool will save you from the back-breaking process and make the entire process easy and fun. However, this may vary depending on what you are looking for. But regardless of whether you are looking for a traditional, pneumatic or electric corded tool, our guide should help you select the best nail puller for your next project. Our products have been selected carefully to make sure there is something for everyone. Identify your preferred model today and save yourself from all your nail extraction woes.
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