The 10 Best Parallel Clamps in 2019

Working on woodworking projects can be challenging, especially when the piece you are working on is not stable. Worse still; you will be forced to chase your work-piece all over the place which consumes much of your valuable time. But with a quality parallel clamp, you can save yourself from the agony and stress of having to break your back chasing your work-pieces all over.

However, choosing the best parallel clamps can be a daunting task with the ever-increasing brand in the market. For this roundup, we have reviewed top quality brands that have been tested and have managed to stand out from the competition.

Best Pick

Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set

Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp managed to stand out from the competition. The tool boasts of its movable jaw and its parallel design which keeps it at precisely 900 without bowing or lifting. Its composite resin jaw face is professionally designed to hold your materials without marring the surface.

Budget Pick

Bessey KR3.524 Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp

Bessey KR3.524 Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp is the best parallel clamp for the money. The tool is affordable, durable, and ideal for your general purpose clamping of different materials. Its throat depth is great, a feature which enables you to reach far. Its jaws have padding for protecting your workpiece surface. With a clamping force of 1500, you can hold your materials in place without wobbling, which makes it our best budget.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Parallel Clamps

1. Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set

Highlighted Features

  • Handy
  • Exceptional clamping pressure
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Movable jaw for making fine adjustments
  • A high precision measurement system
  • Stable
  • Durable aluminum design
  • Accurate
  • Clamps up to 1000 pounds

Jet 70411 is one of the best parallel clamps in the market today. The clamp features a patent pending aluminum design which offers you high precision clamping. Making precise adjustment is easy and quick with the help of the slide guide trigger.

Its precision rule measurement system enables you to make accurate adjustments with consistency and quick identification of your opening capacity. With a holding capacity of 1000lbs, you can hold different wood pieces while adjusting your clamping capacity accurately with the help of the moveable rail stand.

The clamping jaw is movable and reversible which enables you to transform your clamp into a spreader. Its Sumogrip is ergonomically designed with a soft, secure grip which increases torque and comfort levels. Unlike other clamps which wobble when working, this clamp wont. It comes with a 2" bench dogs which are designed to offer you maximum stability anywhere. The package comes with bench dogs, 40”parallel clamps (2pcs), 24” parallel clamps (2pcs), and a framing block kit.

2. Bessey KR3.524 Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp

Highlighted Features

  • Holds different materials without wobbling
  • Handy
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comes with rail protector pads
  • Hand powered
  • Removable pads
  • Fixed 24” parallel jaw with high impact and break-resistant surface
  • Comes with 3 replaceable paint, glue and greaseproof pressure caps
  • Maximum clamping force 1500 pounds

Clamping different material can be challenging, but with this Bessey KR3.524 clamp, you can secure your materials from wood, light metals, composite, plastic, and mixed materials with ease. The K-body Revo clamps perfectly flush sits on your workbench for quick and easy setups.

Its steel alloy is cold drawn and boasts of six serrated edges that are designed to facilitate a secure and slip-free clamping. Its 3.75” throat depth has three removable pads for keeping your material surfaces well protected. During clamping, your clamped workpiece may come into contact with the rail which may cause friction, scratches or even damage. But you do not have to worry as this model comes with two rail protector pads.

With a clamping force of 1500 pounds, this KR3.524 series will offer you a secure clamping without wobbling. Its two handles are ergonomically molded for a smooth operation. The jaws facilitate fast opening and closing, which makes it easy to perform high precision adjustments with ease.

Taking advantage of this clamp will enable you to handle different projects from metal projects to woodworking, and even carpentry jobs with exceptional performance. Those who gave it a try were happy with its performance, which makes it the go-to clamp when on a budget.

3. Jet 70424-2 24-Inch Parallel Clamp

Highlighted Features

  • Clamps up to 1000 pounds
  • Handy
  • Moveable non-marring jaws
  • Delivers even clamping pressure
  • Comfy handle
  • Superior quality aluminum design
  • Two 24” parallel clamps

Precision adjustments are very critical when working on your pieces, and that’s what you get when you invest in this Jet 70424-2 series. The clamp is designed to deliver ultimate clamping experience without damaging your workpiece. It's precision measurement system facilitates quick and fine adjustments.

Its handle is integrated with a soft ergonomic grip which offers maximum comfort for increased torque. Making capacity adjustments is fast and easy as the clamps jets rail stand is moveable. Its jaws are non-marring and extra wide for even clamping pressure.

The clamps are handy and moveable which gives you versatility by reversing then into spreaders. They are durable and designed to allow you to handle different projects with ease.

4. Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel Clamps

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Comfy grip
  • Handy
  • Versatile
  • Provides great clamping power
  • Clamps up to 800lbs
  • Easily converts into a spreader
  • Affordable

This Yost K5024 is a heavy-duty aluminum designed clamp which delivers incredible clamping force for different applications. The company has a great reputation for producing high-quality products in the market, and this clamp isn’t an exception. The main I Beam bar is perfectly designed to offer extra clamping force for wobble-free working experience. The end rail clip features a parallel design to keep your clamps perfectly aligned for increased performance.

The Acme threaded screw facilitates consistent clamping pressure, which helps keep your pieces in place. Its main handle features an oversized design for a comfy and increased clamping power. Its quality is something you can count on for generations to come, which makes one of the best parallel clamps for woodworking.

5. Jorgensen 2-pack Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp Set

Highlighted Features

  • 12” maximum opening
  • Clamping force of up to 1000lbs
  • Multifunction
  • 5/8” clamp diameter
  • Finely cut Acme threads
  • Inbuilt upright clamp design for convenience
  • 1-3/16” by 3/8” high-carbon steel bar

The Jorgensen clamp set is an excellent pick for carpenters, woodworkers, DIYers, cabinet makers, and professional trade’s men. The clamp is designed with a high carbon steel bar, which is strong enough to hold your workpieces without marring.

Its inbuilt clamp stand design keeps the stands on an upright design so you can perform quick head adjustments with one hand operation. The jaws stay parallel for stability and to prevent the workpieces from lifting or bowing. For even and consistent pressure distribution over large areas, the clamp steel jaws are reinforced and large enough to deliver exceptional performance.

The sliding head can be easily transformed into a spreader by reversing it on the bar and clamp. Overall, the clamps set is an excellent pick for handling different projects while delivering unmatched performance. Professionals who gave it a try were impressed by its performance and could be a great pick for your next project

6. Jorgensen Cabinet Master 24-inch Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp

Highlighted Features

  • 24” maximum opening
  • Soft grip
  • 3 ¾” jaw depth
  • Handy
  • Exceptional clamping force
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Versatile
  • Built to last

Jorgensen has designed yet another quality clamp which boasts of its 3 ¾” jaw depth for maximum pressure optimization. The clamp is ideal for use on 900 parallel cIamping of your workpieces including wood, plastic, composite, light and mixed materials. Its locking system is secure and prevents the jaws from slipping.  

The jaw features a rapid opening and closing action which enable you to execute tasks with ease. The handle requires a simple raise from the reel rail and a slide of the moveable jaw to the preferred point for transforming the clamp into a spreader.

That’s not all; the handle is designed with a soft grip that is molded to offer exceptional friction free grip. Taking advantage of this clamp will guarantee you a flawless clamping throughout your project. The model is a great pick for professionals who may be looking for a quality clamp for more significant workpieces.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Parallel Clamp


Clamping systems are designed with cast iron, Aluminum, Zinc, steel, High Carbon steel materials. Every metal will vary in regards to durability and clamping power. For cast iron make sure the clamp is of high quality and coated to prevent rusting.

Aluminum material is great for designing clamping systems due to its lightweight design and ease of maintenance. But in case you happen to settle for an aluminum model, consider going for premium quality brands or anodized models.

Chrome plated Zinc models tend to offer exceptional strength and durability as compared to standard models. Rust free steel clamps are also great for your clamping needs.

Drop forged Carbon Steel clamping system on the other hand are incredibly strong and durable. The metal coating keeps your clamp well protected from corrosion and are plus to your clamp.

Clamping force

Every clamper will feature different clamping, and different workpieces will call for different strength. The secret behind exceptional experience with clamping systems is applying the right pressure. Dense metals and woods will call for high clamping force. Investing in a model with an adjustable clamping force will enable you to make fine adjustments with high precision.


Clamping systems are versatile and can be utilized by different professionals to handle various applications. For you to enjoy an exceptional performance with your clamp, you need to factor in the type of project you intend to use it.

Regardless of the model you choose, your clamp should offer convenience without adding more weight on your workpiece.


Stability is one of the factors which determine your accuracy levels. There is no doubt about that. A clamp that does not hold your workpiece in place will hinder you from performing high precision tasks which may end up messing up your job. Worse still; you will consume much of your valuable time trying to chase your workpiece, which will eventually affect your project completion time.

However, your clamp should hold your workpieces in place without damaging them. Models that come with clamp pads enable you to perform precision adjustments without marring your workpiece surface. A locking mechanism is a plus and offer exceptional stability giving you peace of mind to focus on your project.

Maximum jaw opening

Clamping jaws have a maximum opening size at which they are intended to hold your materials. This implies that you cannot hold workpieces larger than the recommended jaw size. However, large jaw size holds your workpiece in place, which prevents any chances of slippage.

Models with slip free jaws are a plus as they keep your materials secure through-out your project.

Handle designed  

Working on different pieces will call for adjustments. Making these adjustments will require you to hold your handle and unlock your clamp. This is where your handle design comes in. A good clamping system should have an ergonomic handle to enable you to make adjustments when your workpieces call for one.

Throat Depth

The size of your throat depth plays a role in how far you can reach. The considerable the throat length, the higher your clamp can reach. This will, however, depend on your project and the type of materials you are looking forward to using.

Heavier and large materials will require high throat depth to keep them secure without wobbling.


For excellent performance, your clamp should be parallel to keep your material at the right angle. If the face of your clamp isn't parallel, that means your clamp will not prevent the materials in place increasing chances of your workpiece twisting or bowing. Though it may be tricky to know the reliability of a clamp by its physical appearance, checking out other customer reviews can help you make smart decisions.

Jaw design

Parallel clamps may have an adjustable or fixed jaw design. Fixed jaws will hinder you from making adjustments while adjustable jaws will give you great flexibility. With adjustable jaws, you can make fine adjustments depending on the material and task at hand which make them the gp to models for most professionals.

Ease of use

Working with different materials will call for varied pressure clamping force. This means you will be required to make adjustments to suit the material at hand. A suitable parallel clamp should allow you to make fine adjustments with ease.


Clamping systems come with different price tags. Their price may be influenced by various factors, which among them include size, clamping power, material, and other additional features. While you may be looking forward to owning a quality model, consider your budget.

Safety tips to follow when using your clamps

  • Shield your face and make sure you wear safety glasses
  • Choose the right clamp and stick to the recommended clamping pressure. Applying more clamping force than your tool can hold will put more pressure on the clamp and may cause damage.
  • Inspect your clamp for any signs of frame and spindle bends. If any dispose of your clamp
  • Before working on your workpiece, make sure the clamp jaws are tightly closed, and enough pressure is applied to keep them secure. Do not use hammers, wrenches, pipes, or pliers to tighten your clamps. Only use wrenches if your manufacturer recommends it.
  • Apply pressure on right angles to minimize any slippage
  • Remove clamps once done with your job
  • While oiling is necessary, make sure you do not overdo it. Also, make sure no grease or oil comes into contact with your workpiece

Care and maintenance of parallel clamp


Dirt and debris will accumulate on your clamp. This will eventually affect its performance, making it hard to perform even the simplest tasks. To keep your clamp performance at par, you will have to perform regular cleaning.

Make sure you wipe out all the dust and dirt with a clean, dry cloth each time when you are done working.


Clamps are designed with metal parts, which may cause friction as they move to increase the rate of wear and tear. Oiling all the joints and moving parts will facilitate smooth operation, making your job easier.


Storing your clamping system poorly can cause rusting or damage to some parts. This is regardless of whether your clamp is corrosion resistant or not. Clamps are recommended to be stored in a dry clean area away from unauthorized persons.

Final Verdict

Working on wood projects can be a pain in the ass, especially if you do not have a quality parallel clamp. They offer you convenience and are great treasures every professional carpenter cannot afford to miss in their workshop. Their versatility is a plus which makes them not only ideal for use on your woodworking projects but also in other applications like metalworking and other projects that may call for clamping. But before you jump in and make your purchase, you should make sure the clamp you choose will help you handle your project with ease. All the brands we have featured above are the best parallel clamps you can get in the market today and can help ease your workload if you go for the right model.
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